Work and Travel Program Experience

One of the the reasons why I went to university was the possibility to participate in Work & Travel ( J1 ) program and travel to United States. That’s how I end up working as housekeeper at Mount Snow in West Dover, Vermont in the summer of 2011.

I was so excited about traveling to US that I’ve accepted first job offer that I received from my local agent. I had an online interview with Mount Snow housekeeping department and I was hired as a housekeeper even I was not completely sure what will be my job. I was good enough with good english and no experience in housekeeping.


Working at Mount Snow


First days were crazy and a shock for me. I was working with my supervisor Julie. She was nice and very fast. As I’m not fast moving person I had to give my best to keep up with her but I did it. After few weeks I was on my own. Of course, I had many cases like “Aleeeen, get your ass back here, you missed the spot” but it was funny and I didn’t felt bad about it.


Say hello to my little friend…


Speedy Julie



Ruby the boss

Ruby was managing housekeeping department and she was the right person for that job. Almost every morning we had morning stand-up where she was motivating us. She was helping us to feel that we are also important part of Mount Snow Resort. I remember she was telling us – “Mount Snow can not operate without us because the rooms can not be sold if we will not clean it” .



Hourly rate was $8.15 and Mount Snow has respected that I have average of 40 working hours peer week as it was by the contract. I also had daily tips of $5 average and toke ( tips from from front-desk ) of average $100 per two weeks.

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Looking Backward


My English skills were improved a lot. I learned about American culture and commonly used slang which I can’t learn at school. Even if I was working as a housekeeper, I was communicating with hotel guests every day. Because of that I know and understand customer care. Of course, my cleaning skills are improved which is important for a guy.

When I look back I would recommend Mount Snow to anyone. They really respect international staff and we were not discriminated at any moment.

I’ve met a lot of great friendly people there with whom I’m still in touch.


Walk of Fame at Mount Snow

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