What technology to choose for your tech startup

Latest “cutting-edge” technology doesn’t necessary means that is good for your business. You should be aware of hype driven developers  who will use latest technology just because is modern and trendy. They will not do a solid research and decide based on project requirements.

In web development whatever backend technology you choose it’s fine because it can not effect your business so much. When choosing frontend technology I always ask myself at least this two following questions.

Is the content important to be found on Google?

If you are starting a blog, magazine, marketplace or similar platform where your content is important to be found on Google then avoid frontend frameworks such as Angular, Vue, React, etc. Your platform must be SEO friendly and frontend frameworks are not because of the way how they render HTML.

If your platform will have only content that is managed by your team members and there are no complex features the best option would be to use some CMS such as WordPress. You don’t have to worry about SEO if you use WordPress because there are already a lot of plugins which will set everything for you. All you have to do is to fill up some forms and you are good to go. Perfect for blog or magazine.

Is a frontend framework really necessary?

If you would ask this question to a developer, most of them would answer yes because they think only about the time they need to get it done. But if I would ask myself this question about product that I care on a long run I would first think about it.

Let’s start with “why” should I use frontend framework instead of just jQuery? Main reason is data manipulation on frontend. If you will have a lot of real-time data manipulation on frontend and you care about development speed then you should use some frontend framework. On the other side, if I care more about quality and stability of the product I would go with pure jQuery and template engine ( Twig, Blade ). The reason why JavaScript frameworks are not stable is because they are changing a lot.

Consider this fact when you will need 5000 npm modules and a team of 10 to compile your startup’s login form.
Based on this two answers you should decide what frontend technology would fit the best for your next tech startup.

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