Pinpic is peer-to-peer booking platform for people to search, discover and book local photographers. Imagine Airbnb for photographers with same business model.

Users can sign up as customer ( buyer ) or photographer ( seller ) role. They can use this platform for communication, bookings and payments. Photographers can create their profile, upload portfolio, create packages and have reviews from their customers.

Let’s take a took look under the hood of Pinpic markeplace platform.

Authentication System

Login system via email and password, Facebook or Google. Users can have buyer or/and seller role.

Messaging System

Only way of communication is messaging system and no other contact information will be shared between buyer and seller.


Seller can create a package which can contain name, price, description and location.

Search Engine

Buyer can use advanced search to search for photographers by location, price and category.

Booking System

Booking process can be described in 2 steps:

  • Buyer sends booking request to seller & make a payment
  • Seller accepts booking request in max 24 hours and payment is processed

After booking is done and job is completed, payout will be processed to seller.

Payment System

Pinpic is integrated with BrainTree payments system and accepts all major credit cards and Paypal.

Emailing System

Notifications are really important in booking process. Emailing system will trigger email to buyer and/ or seller on every booking status change.


Almost all actions can be done with a mobile device using Pinpic API.

Admin Dashboard

Admins can track users, conversations, bookings, sales, offers and much more from admin dashboard.

Pinpic is running on Symfony2 PHP framework, rendered with Twig template engine and hosted on Amazon Web Services.

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