LD CRM is a CRM SaaS for moving companies that work long distance and international moving. When lead is generated there are a lot processes that this platform automatize until customer is booked. Jobs like generating moving agreements, calculating pricing and additional services, organizing moving and similar are much faster using this CRM.


Lead management is the starting point. By assigning a lead to a sales person, general manager can track follow up steps and how much time it takes from first follow up until the lead is booked.

Pricing was the most complex part on the platform. It has a lot of dependencies such as moving distance, items cubic feet, additional services, items insurance etc…

Inventory contains all the moving items. Every item has cubic feet and also custom item with custom dimensions can be added. This section is very important for price calculation.

Additional services can be added for every moving job. They are predefined but also custom can be added.

Generating documents based on lead moving information makes users and customers life easier. Everything is filled up and documents can be signed just by sending a link to a customer.


LD CRM is builded as SPA with Laravel on backend and  Vue.js on front.


Personally this was a challenge for me because I was working first time with Vue.js. Even if I was working with Angular 1 before it was still hard for me because I was learning  component-based Javascript framework.


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