Evident is a photo management platform for stock photography studios. After the shooting, photos require to be retouched, metadata added, reviewed and uploaded to stock photography websites where sales will do the rest.


Cloud storage on Amazon S3 server is a one of the main security feature. Sending files to other FTP server directly from S3 saves a lot of time especially when there is a lot of data to be sent.

Agency management helps users to track status for each photo (approved, rejected, pending, not sent ) for each stock photography agency.

Metadata works similar like Photoshop’s metadata. User can add title, description and keywords for each photo. Using IPTC command image metadata can be viewed and modified.


Evident is running on Symfony 2 framework, rendered with Twig template engine and hosted on Amazon EC2. Amazon S3 server is used for cloud storage.


Uploading was challenging because of uploading multiple files at once and risk of losing internet connection. I’ve found a solution using AWS SDK  command pool and uploading file by file to S3 but user is still selecting multiple files at once.

Download speed was not fast as expected. Problem was when downloading multiple files as ZIP. There is not possibility to make a ZIP archive directly on S3 so all files needed to be download on Evident platform and then achieved and downloaded.

Keywording was not so easy to develop because of the way how it checks if there are matching keywords on other photos and it suggest to change it.


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