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Things we learned from Pinpic failure

After we officially wrapped up our story with Pinpic we’ve received tons of emails asking what went wrong with our startup. That gave me an idea to really ask myself what went wrong and share some of the main mistakes we made from our perspective. For those who don’t know about Pinpic, you can read more about it
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Image compression like TinyPNG

I was looking for image compression solutions without losing image quality. As I was using Laravel for this project, guys at Image Intervention did an amazing job with image manipulation but there was missing image compression. On the other side guys at TinyPNG also did great job but I wanted to avoid their API because they give 500 images to compress for free pre month. After a little research I’ve figure it out that best solution for image compression are imagemagic and pngquant.
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What technology to choose for your tech startup

Latest “cutting-edge” technology doesn’t necessary means that is good for your business. You should be aware of hype driven developers  who will use latest technology just because is modern and trendy. They will not do a solid research and decide based on project requirements. In web development whatever backend technology you choose it’s fine because
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5 things to research before you start any business

It is really important that you make a good research before you start any business. It can save you years if your business will fail. Whatever business you start, B2C ( business-to-customer ) or B2B ( business-to-business ), you need to ask yourself at least this 5 questions. Who are your customers? You need to know
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First Career Days at Toschas Labs

How I started my carrier, what I learned and what I didn’t learn while I was working at Toschas Labs, small software company in Belgrade. I was working at Toschas Labs as junior web developer for one year, from Septembar 2013 – Septembar 2014.
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Second Year of Work and Travel Program

After first successful summer of 2011 as Work & Travel USA ( J1 ) participant, I knew that year of 2012 I will in the US again. This time I wanted to work somewhere near the ocean. Based on positive reviews on I decided to work in Wildwood, NJ.
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Work and Travel Program Experience

One of the the reasons why I went to university was the possibility to participate in Work & Travel ( J1 ) program and travel to United States. That’s how I end up working as housekeeper at Mount Snow in West Dover, Vermont in the summer of 2011. I was so excited about traveling to US that
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