Arrivederci WordPress

I started my web development career with WordPress and it was love at the first sight. It was perfect for beginners to create simple websites without knowing how to code. Six years later I had to let it go. I decided that I will use WordPress only for simple blogs or websites that doesn’t require a lot of customization.

The Problem with WordPress

With years, WordPress has become much more than just an open source CMS. At the moment, WordPress can be transformed into much more complex platforms by just installing a new theme. For example, with this themes, WordPress can be used as a booking platform.

On the other side, problem with every “done” solution is customization. In my particular case, I was using WordPress to develop a review-based website for Work & Travel USA (J1) program participants. As website was growing the customization of WordPress was growing also and that was when problems started to appear. Website was multi-language with WPML plugin and with a lot of custom post types and custom fields. After a while, website load speed was slowing down. Also, very often happen to crash because it runs out of memory. Of course, one of the solutions was upgrade the server but I wanted to avoid that because website was not that heavy or complex. It’s just WordPress made it complicated because there is no other way to customize it.

The Solution

Obvious, the solution for the problem I’ve mentioned above was to develop something from scratch. With the idea that I want to use the new CMS for some other projects too I have created CMS Seeder. It’s an open source foundation for CMS based on Laravel made for developers. It has the basic functionality as WordPress but customization is done by extending the current project. There is no learning curve with basic Laravel knowledge.

Use Cases

Work & Travel Experience is a review-based website for Work & Travel USA (J1) program participants and it was running on WordPress for years. As I mentioned above, with a lot of customization problems came up. Soon after that it was migrated from WordPress to CMS Seeder. It has the same functionality as before but with much lower loading speed and really easy to customize. UI is made exactly by the project needs. That’s the beauty of CMS Seeder with Laravel skills.

CRM Scanner is a review-based website for CRM products. Each review is connected to a product and the website has basic product search. With all that functionality, in case of WordPress I should find a theme and customize it. That will take a tons of time because I would have to learn about how theme is coded and how to customize it.

In both cases, I would lose a lot of time to learn about new WordPress themes. With CMS Seeder I want to reduce learning curve if I need CMS with some extra functionality with PHP and Laravel knowledge.

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